DEFCON Furs 2020

Live Online | August 15 2020

This year we are hosting a virtual web event online taking place on a single day, August 15 2020.

The event will include live streamed talks and DJ's and be organized around Discord channels for the talks and hanging out.

The Event Is Free :D And Open To All 18+ Years Of Age

Please join our discord to participate in the activities and talk with our presenters.

--> DEFCON Furs Discord Join Link <--

The Talks and DJ's will be streamed on our Twitch page totaling 20 continuous hours.
Live Stream Starts: Aug 15 2020 @ 9AM PDT
Live Stream Ends: Aug 16 2020 @ 5AM PDT

--> DEFCON Furs Twitch <--

--> Event Schedule <--