Don’t Just Watch, Participate!


What kind of cybersecurity event wouldn’t have a way to show your cyber skills? Whether you’re a noob, or a master hacker, you can jump into the fray and play the DEFCON Furs CTF provided by HackTheBox.

Single person teams can compete in multiple challenge categories, ranging from Steganography to Networking to even Hacking real (in game range) targets!

When and Where?

Hosted by HackTheBox, you will be able to access the CTF at and join in using the CTF password provided in Discord. Once accessed, you can use the VPN configuration provided with OpenVPN to gain network access to the CTF network range.

The CTF starts on Saturday 8/15 at 8AM PST and ends on Sunday 8/16 at 8PM PST. Winners will be announced via Twitter before 10PM PST Sunday.

OpenVPN can be installed at the following locations:

CTF Rules

Please follow these rules during the CTF. Any violation of these rules may result in being kicked and/or banned from the CTF.


  • Any Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are prohibited.
  • You are NOT allowed to attack other players.
  • You are NOT allowed to attack infrastructure.
  • You can only attack targets in the specified IP address range.
  • Brute forcing flag values is prohibited.
  • You must solve the CTF challenges, you cannot use external third parties to solve them for you.
  • You must not distribute answers, hints or writeups of any of the challenges during the competition with other players.
  • Team can ONLY contain ONE (1) player.

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions before or during the CTF, please use the #ctf-help Discord channel to ask questions or get assistance.