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Please bookmark this page for updates related to COVID-19 and staying healthy at DEFCON Furs events.

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Posted: May 10, 2020

From the Board and staff of DEFCON Furs,

As you may have heard, both DEF CON 28 (post) and BlackHat USA 2020 (post) have canceled all in-person activities due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, we have some heartbreaking news to share with you. We have decided to cancel all of our in-person events for DEFCON Furs 2020. You are our friends and our family. We feel that for the health, safety, and sanity of all of us that canceling our in-person events is the correct choice.

On the bright side, we are working our big and little tails off by putting together an on-line event that will scritch your itch, smooth your feathers and tickle your mane. We will share the details of our plans as soon as we can. Suffice to say, we plan to continue our mission to bring the best of the fandom to the hacker community.

For those of you who participated in our DEFCON Furs/DEF CON 28 room block, we have canceled all room reservations in our block and you will be receiving an email from us shortly with details about your refund options.

We are planning to have a public DEFCON Furs staff meeting on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 6 pm PST to talk about our plans for this summer. You are welcome to attend virtually via YouTube Live and ask questions. (Link to the meeting stream)

We love all of you and greatly appreciate the love you have shown us over the years. We promise to be back as soon as we can to bring us all back together stronger, safer and fuzzier than ever.


Posted: April 23, 2020

From the Board and staff of DEFCON Furs,

First off we want to thank each of you for being part of the DEFCON Furs community. You are awesome. Without you there would be no DEFCON Furs. Thank you.

We're writing to you to share what we're doing and where we're going during these uncertain times. Your board and staff have been hard at work meeting and teleconferencing and Zoom/not-Zooming. That said we are aware that some of this is outside of our control. So; On behalf of all of us we are monitoring the situation as closely as we can. This includes keeping careful track of DT's posts on COVID-19 vs DEF CON and the posts from government offices local to federal that are affecting DEF CON and the Las Vegas community.

And based on our understanding of the current situation:
We are still planning to spread our love for our furry community across DEF CON
We are still planning to throw the best furry events and parties at DEF CON
We are still looking forward to rooming you in the first ever DEFCON Furs rooming block @ Harrah's.
To help you avoid expenses during this time we have suspended the scheduled room deposit charges until the situation becomes clearer.

You may be asking where the "but" is...?
DT and DEF CON appear to be on track to make a go/no-go decision around May 15. Until we hear otherwise we plan to be at DEF CON. Put another way we still plan to be there unless we are told that either DEF CON is canceled (IKR, the endless joke) or the government tells us otherwise.

Whether or not DEF CON is locked out or shut down. Here is our current plan B:

  1. We will have a new badge for 2020
  2. If you decide that you do not want to come to DEF CON we will have the following options for rooming deposits:
    • Return 100% of your deposit
    • Ask you to help us cover the 3% Stripe fees we incurred when we accepted your deposit
    • Giving you the option to donate all or part of your deposit to help DEFCON Furs continue sharing our love for the fandom with hacker spaces
  3. Anyone who has already placed deposits will retain their position as first in line for DEFCON Furs badges and other swag

Thank you again for all your support and dedication.
Stay Safe!



When will DEFCON Furs make a decision on the con?
We are closely monitoring the situation and will make a call on or before May 15.

Can I roll my room deposit to 2021?
There are too many unknowns with the lodging and conference for us to feel confident holding your money for another year. If you have any issues or questions about a reservation in our room block you can contact

What are Stripe Fees?
They are the credit card processing fees that we pay when we accept payments, and are not refunded when a payment is reversed.

Can I still buy a badge if there is no con?
Yes. We are working on a super secret badge for 2020 which we will release in August.

If I ask for my any or all of my deposit back, do I lose my place in line for badges or swag?
No. Your place in line is secured no matter what you decide to do with your deposit.

What happens if DEF CON is canceled™ ?
You will need to decide what to do with your reservation on or before June 1 2020.

What happens if I decide to keep my room if DEF CON is canceled™ ?
We need to work it out, but we suspect the room rate will be cheaper.

Why are you willing to refund deposits even if the show goes on?
We strongly believe that no one should be penalized for choosing not to attend during the pandemic.

What is "DT"
Kevin Moss... jk - DT is Dark Tangent, producer and founder of DEF CON.